Making Climate - Smart Agriculture Real in Africa with Conservation Agriculture: Supporting the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063

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Conference theme and sub-themes

The Congress is being organised under the following theme and sub-themes

Making Climate-Smart Agriculture Real in Africa with Conservation Agriculture: Supporting the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063
Sub-themes (in the context of Agenda 2063, SDGs, COP 21 and 22):

    i.      Sub-theme 1: Mainstreaming of CA paradigm within institutions, sectors and governments’ systems in Africa

    {e.g. CA-based supportive policies, frameworks and conventions creating an enabling environment; mobilizing institutional support from the public, private and civil sectors; CA extension and promotion; regional, national and international commitments; longer-term systemic capacity building for CA management; CA farmer organizations and empowerment; and data management development}


    ii.     Sub-theme 2: Research and technology development for scaling up of CA systems, practices and innovations in different rainfed and irrigated farming systems in Africa

    {e.g. CA-based research and technology for development; agroecology; organic farming; productivity and ecosystem services, crop and cropping system management; soil health; crop health; pest, nutrient and water management; farm power and mechanization; technology and innovation systems; horticultural systems, crop-tree-livestock systems; agro-pastoral systems; agroforestry, orchard and plantation systems,  precision farming; and impact pathways}


    iii.   Sub-theme 3: Enhancing CA related education and training-learning capacity at systems and structural, organizational and individual levels to accelerate and expand the uptake of CA systems and practices

    {e.g. CA-based education, training and participatory extension; field based facilities; curriculum development; online education and learning; public and private sector capacity development  for providing CA services including mechanization, farm operations and other  services; quality assurance capacity development; and women and youths in agriculture and agribusiness}


    iv.    Sub-theme 4: Investing across institutions and sectors, including in mechanization and commercialization, for widespread adoption of CA systems in Africa

    {e.g. CA-based sustainable agricultural mechanization; commercialization; youths and women; financial and capital investments; business development; public-private-producer-partnerships; development of CA services in supply and value chains; livelihood and socio-economic development; incentives and payments for ecosystem services; and insurance, branding and certification}


    v.     Sub-theme 5: CA knowledge system management and information sharing capacity development for impact

    {e.g. CA-based partnerships and networking; e-information sharing platforms; impact monitoring and mapping; data management development; quality assurance; and enabling information and communication technology}


Important Dates

Registration Opens - Online

1st February 2018

Call for submission condensed papers

1st February 2018

Deadline of submission for condensed papers

15th June 2018

Early bird registration deadline

30th March 2018

Deadline for submission of revised papers

20th August 2018

Registration at venue

8th - 9th October 2018

Conference & Field tour

9th - 12th October 2018

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