Making Climate - Smart Agriculture Real in Africa with Conservation Agriculture: Supporting the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063

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Prof. Aziz Nurbekov

Aziz Nurbekov obtained his PhD at Uzbek Research Institute of Cereals and Legume Crops under Irrigation in wheat breeding and seed production in 2003 and got his professor in 2018. For the past 13 years, he has been worked as an agronomist at ICARDA-CAC office in Tashkent and has been leading several projects of FAO, IFAD and ADB. Currently, he is working as a teacher at Tashkent Sate Agrarian University and an agronomist at FAO Uzbekistan office in Tashkent. His main research interest is in conservation agriculture in Central Asia. His current research activities are in the fields of double cropping under conservation agriculture, as well as in the development of new no-till machinery to promote conservation agriculture practices in the region. He published more 120 manual, book, manuscript abstract and chapters on wheat breeding and seed production and conservation agriculture practices in Central Asia region. He coordinated the multiple-author chapter on Conservation Agriculture in Central Asia in a CABI book Conservation Agriculture - Global Prospects and Challenges, which has been published by CABI 2013. Among his various publications, he is a lead author of the manual on conservation agriculture in the irrigated agriculture of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (Ankara, Turkey, 2016).              

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